Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Break in Wisconsin

The air in Holcombe was clean and crisp this week. We had a great time doing "fall" things. Namely, raking and burning leaves. It reminded me of burning leaves with my dad when I was a kid. We would just stand there and watch the flame. Occasionally, something would fly out of the fire pit, and my dad would go over and step on it to quash the fire. Well, Andrew and I did that.
I raked up about 8 huge piles of leaves. Andrew decided to make a huge pile and jump in them. I videoed the experience...uh, fiasco. Basically, he missed and jumped right over the pile.
We had some nice kayaking, too. The water was choppy but we didn't capsize, although that was a real possibility at a few moments. The water was about 45 degrees and boy was it windy!

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