Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This beautiful Wisconsin fall

We made a last minute decision to take a ride to Bloomer today. We traveled down Hwy M and decided to stop by the Chippewa Valley Ice Age Moraine. The leaves were changing and sometimes our world briefly was covered with orange, red, yellow, and asphalt.
We saw a huge bald eagle today on our drive.
The Ice Age museum was really neat. Badgers, bear, owls, beavers...LOTS of animals. A taxidermist's dream! I had a good time asking questions and finding out everything I could:
The difference between birch trees and aspens.
Viewing the ticks and fleas under a microscope.
The contents of a particular owl's belly.
And, Wisconsin coyotes vs Arizona coyotes, for example.
The most interesting, of course was learning how to throw a tomahawk.

I love it here.


  1. I've never been to Wisconsin! It sounds beautiful.

  2. Pretty photos! Makes me miss the Midwest.