Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Band Concerts and Sing-offs

Tonight is the big night for Andrew. We had his saxophone serviced last week and the technician said it's good to go. But, Andrew came home yesterday complaining that his saxophone "doesn't work". Now, I want to be supportive of his confidence in this new-found interest of his, but sometimes I have to wonder, could it be that you're just not blowing in the mouthpiece hard enough? I'm refusing to let myself ask that question though. He said he talked to Dr. L about it and Dr. L said that if it's still messed up at the concert, he can borrow his saxophone, "because I'm good, and Dr. L's good, so he doesn't mind if I use it," Andrew explained. I love that he has confidence about his music.
He did something really funny yesterday. He said, "Mom, this kid at school, Joseph, is always bragging and we are all SICK of it. So, I told him that I am sick of his bragging and I challenged him to a 'sing-off'." I bit my lower lip to keep the corners of my mouth down. "I told Joseph that we are gonna sing three songs each and the teacher can pick who's the best. I said, 'If I win, you have to quit bragging, and if you win, you can keep bragging'." I asked Andrew which three songs he chose. Very proudly, he responded: "GRANDMA GOT RUN OVER BY A REINDER, ABC-123, AND JINGLE BELL ROCK." I couldn't believe I was hearing this. So, I asked him, "Who won?" He replied, "I did!"
That entire conversation made me smile. He is so darn funny and cute!

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